Your Property Tax Protests


The county makes an assessment of value every year. They are required, by law, to provide that amount to the property owner by mail, the county now sends notices starting in April. Property Owners, depending on the date of the valuation mailing, will have until May 15th to dispute the value of their residence.

If you bought your house or property within the last calendar year, you set the value and there will be no room for negotiating a property tax discount at this time. Identify any issues or problems around the house/property and document them with photos so that you are prepared for next year's tax season. These documents and photos can be paramount in receiving the maximum discount on your property tax bill.

If you have owned the home for over one calendar year, you can and should dispute the property value. Dallas and surrounding Counties will use retail sales comps to determine the value they have assigned to your property. It is nearly impossible to get the County to reduce the value of the land- unless you can show your land has major problems. Your main opportunity for reduction comes from the building/fence/yard/property itself. Sometimes, a neighbor or degradation of the neighborhood can lower the value of the property as it was taxed.  (overgrown yard, trash everywhere, rape down the street, etc.). If this applies to your property, we can help you secure a property tax discount that makes sense.

Ready to get help? It's as easy as 1-2-3
1. Go to
2. Choose your county and then make a one time, flat fee payment.
3. Once you've provided payment, you will be able to login to the system and upload pictures (of everything wrong with your home- cracks, old roofing, rot, mold, outdated kitchens/bathrooms, invoices, estimates, receipts, and any other documentation that supports the lower value of your home.) This fee is non refundable and is not contingent on a successful reduction. You can also email supporting documentation information to

Your flat fee pays for us to put together a packet and do an informal meeting. Our packet includes pictures of your property as well as comps that we have pulled. IF we have any success, we'll discuss it with you. If you're satisfied, our work is done. If not, the fee includes a formal dispute as well. This is where the attorney goes before the board with your packet and argues to the board the lower value of your property.

We will have to determine how to approach the board on a case-by-case basis.


We cannot calculate how much actual cash in pocket you will save. Taxes are assessed based on the value, so the lower the value, the lower the taxes, however, you will need to do your own calculations for your savings as it relates directly to the billing of the taxes.

For Commercial Properties- we do these protests on a percentage- ways to dispute include issues with the building, but also rent rolls and any other evidence you can think of. We have always received a reduction on Commercial Property, even in small Texas Counties. 

Is the fee refundable?

Is a reduction in value guaranteed?

What is my last day to file the protest?
May 15, 2018

Can I file the protest on my own?
Yes, but it is recommended to use a lawyer with a history of success. There are many laws surrounding property tax protests, and there's a chance you will overlook a necessary step to make those arguments

Can I go to the informal on my own and hire you for the formal?
Absolutely. However, recall from above, that we will be limited to making the arguments you have chosen in your original protest. It is suggested to go with the flat fee and let our experienced staff help you through the process.

Do I need to attend either of the hearings?
No, that's what we're for! Also, we'll be saying really mean things about your home- so you might want to spare yourself ;)

I own multiple properties, is there a bulk discount?
Yes, please call for a quote.

What if I do not like the boards decision?
You have a right to appeal or request arbitration. Both will require an additional fee to my firm (and charges from the State). We` have been successful on reductions by appeal, however have not had attorney's fees granted to my clients.

Does the Appraisal District enter my home for an inspection?
No way! They will, however, drive by, check for building permits issued in the prior calendar year, compare your property to residences a few neighborhoods over.

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